My name is Josh, I am a graduate of Geology and Geography, MSc in Hazard and Disaster Management, and about to embark on the journey towards a PhD in the field of volcanic risk management.

This blog was started to satisfy my obsession with all things geohazards. I have a passion for science communication, particularly on social media platforms. I feel that it is important when communicating with non-scientists to take them along the research process journey, not just presenting an end product.

I plan to take you along for the ride as I work towards completing my PhD. The trials, the tribulations, the late nights, the successes, the failures, the breakthroughs, the dead ends.

But it won’t be all PhD talk! Along the way we will discuss ancient disasters, modern day hazards and disasters, and concepts of managing risk.

You will find it all right here on The Geohazards Blog!


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